Dupain’s Sydney

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Max Dupain is arguably Australia’s best-loved photographer, and he loved to photograph Sydney. He started taking pictures of the city as a schoolboy and continued throughout his life. In this volume an earlier Sydney, from the 1930s to the 1950s, is brought to life again as we wander down quiet streets, peer from upper-storey windows at the busy life of the city below, or enjoy the glimpses of people as they worked (or didn’t, during the Depression), shopped, or went to the races. Dupain’s Sydney is a book of Sydney places and people.

Text and captions by a heritage architect enlighten our understanding of Sydney’s history and development.

Dupain’s Sydney
by Jill White

112 pages, 270 x 275mm, duotone
Binding – hardback

Price – $ 70.00

ISBN – 978-0-947322-12-0